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Bookkeeping is a major part of any organisation and is fundamental to cash flow, whether the organisation has made a profit or a loss and the value of the business throughout its balance sheet.


We ensure all aspects of bookkeeping are balanced and all accounts are accurate to reflect exactly how a client is positioned financially via management accounts which are produced monthly.


Our complete bookkeeping service comprises of:


  • Sales Ledger

  • Debtor Statements

  • Credit Control

  • Purchase Ledger

  • Purchase Payments

  • Control Accounts

  • Nominal/General Ledger

  • VAT Return (if registered)

  • Fixed Assets Register

  • Accruals and Prepayments

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Trial Balance

  • Profit and Loss Account

  • Balance Sheet

  • Nominal Activity Reports

  • Budgets

  • Year-End Accounts to Extended Trial Balance

  • Cover your bookkeeping needs either via pick-up, courier or secure email free of charge.






Payroll is an important part of the management of your organisation.


All staff need to be paid and the taxation system surrounding paying staff can be very time consuming and calculating tax and National Insurance deductions confusing, especially with the new Real Time Information system which was introduced in April 2013.


Our complete payroll service package takes away all of this and will allow you give more time to running and managing your business. Our package comprises of:


  • Payroll information inputted from your internal records

  • Compliance of all new Government legislation and statutory requirements via Real Time Information (RTI)

  • Employee sickness and absenteeism recorded

  • PAYE and National Insurance

  • SSP/SMP/SAP/SPP calculations

  • Employees paid either weekly, fortnightly or monthly

  • Payslips and payroll reports provided

  • Arranging of payments of employees payments into their bank accounts

  • Monthly PAYE payment to HMRC

  • End of year returns including P14/P60 and P35 statement

  • P11D returns

  • Regular backups of your payroll data

  • All forms completed online





It doesnt matter what business you have, if you have stock then you will need a stocktake. Stocktaking is critical part of business.

You might consider stocktaking a reactive or proactive measure, nevertheless, a proven independent stocktaker can significantly help you make more profit and reduce losses.

Companies seldom like to admit it, but theft does happen. Stocktaking offers solutions that show where theft is occurring. It is for this reason that stocktaking can be seen as reactive. However the old adage is correct here, the best form of defence is attack; stocktaking is a great way to prevent against theft. It forms a powerful deterrent in the minds of your staff. Rather than causing awkward situations, we have found this level of control can actually improve trust between colleagues and make for a happier and calmer work environment.

Stocktaking should be regarded as a regular health check for your business. It should look into your profitability, efficiency and potential performance at site-level and across your whole business estate.


We can provide you or your business with as much or as little help as you need using either your accounting software or ours.


Contact us today for more information on our services and find out how we can help you in more detail to ensure your business grows.

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